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MOS Study Guide for Microsoft PowerPoint Exam MO-300

 Microsoft Exam MO-300 : Course Outline 

The exam MO-300 will evaluate the candidates on the basis of below-mentioned domains

1. Manage presentations
  • Modify slide masters, handout masters, and note masters
  • Change presentation options and views
  • Configure print settings for presentations
  • Configure and present slide shows
  • Prepare presentations for collaboration

Microsoft Documentation: Managing On-Demand Presentations

2. Manage slides
  • Insert slides
  • Modify slides
  • Order and group slides

Microsoft Documentation: Add and delete slides in PowerPoint (preview) and Insert slides in a PowerPoint presentation

3. Insert and format text, shapes, and images
  • Format text
  • Insert links
  • Insert and format images
  • Insert and format graphic elements
  • Order and group objects on slides

Microsoft Documentation: PowerPoint for the web

4. Insert tables, charts, smartArt, 3D models, and media
  • Insert and format tables
  • Insert and modify charts
  • Insert and format SmartArt graphics
  • Insert and modify 3D models
  • Insert and manage media

Microsoft Documentation: Table object (PowerPoint) and SmartArt Interface

5. Apply transitions and animations
  • Apply and configure slide transitions
  • Animate slide content
  • Set timing for transitions

Microsoft Documentation: AnimationPoints object (PowerPoint)

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